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Life in the slow lane (1 Viewer)


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If we understood this, instead of dumping a shitload of alternate reality in their heads, we might begin to alleviate the increasing problems facing humankind. They are the future, and they deserve a better world than we’re leaving them.


"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." ~ Albert Einstein
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When you get old enough, you have to have something interesting to do.

Also, I came across the difference between a poet and a story writer. While the story writer bangs away on their typewriter, the poet contemplates a fly on the window pane.


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At 63 now, I wonder sometimes, when I was younger, why no one ever told me:
Your nose is going to run while you're eating...or
Snapping your fingers will be almost impossible during winter....or
Leg cramps will become a nightmare and Calcium-Magnesium your new best friend
Also, your taste buds will change, urinate less, sit more, then you'll forget why you got up
But....on the bright side...Mmm I forgot


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sit more, then you'll forget why you got up
But....on the bright side...Mmm I forgot


Yesterday we met up with some friends (that's a good start, I remembered that much) Every other sentence we started ended as... errmmm what was his name...? er what day was that... ? Did I ask you about x, y, z... have you tried that new restaurant... er.. it's name is...er... you know where I mean... it became so bad at one put the conversation just ground to a halt and we got a fit of the giggles....

As you get older it is wise not to take yourself too seriously and laugh often.


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A pic of backpackers taking advantage of pleasant weather to watch sunrise from their campsite on the he Appalachian Trail in Beans Purchase, New Hampshire. Been there, done that, beautiful :)


Also, came across this music video. To me it begs the question of when enough are going to wake up to the manipulation of the materialistic parasites in our society, and think seriously and realistically about our children's future.



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We idealize all manner of individuals that are in essence little more than distractions. But what of those that work towards a better quality of life for our children, in trying to slow the disruptive changes we as a culture are wreaking on our little blue canoe?

It’s not as if there aren’t any such individuals. Many come to mind, but I thought I’d make more aware of one individual that’s left behind one of history’s greatest land-conservation legacies by using his fortune to buy large tracts of farmland in Patagonia. That person is Douglas Tompkins, the founder of outdoor apparel brand North Face, and a BBC article about his accomplishments can be found at:

Never heard of him or his accomplishments, not surprising. Beyond the diehard materialists, far too many, left and right, are aware of little more than their human bubble for various reasons. Of course, broadening one’s perspective is in many cases going against our culture’s grain, but in this case affects the world our children and grandchildren will have to get by in. As George Orwell said, “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”

If you’re one that believes you truly care for your progenies well being, then I’d ask if you’d seen/read the following:

A good place to start is asking yourself how our children might react to this David Attenborough video:
Not to mentions his many other documentaries at:

Then reading the following gives rise to my questioning:

“The Sixth Extinction, An Unnatural History” by Elizabeth Kolbert, nonfiction.

“Heart Of A Lion, A Lone Cat’s Walk Across America” by William Stolzenburg, nonfiction.

And to increase your understanding of contributing factors see/read the following:

Bill Moyers interview with economist Paul Krugman on how the United States is becoming an oligarchy - the very system our founders revolted against.

And as a sideline, if you wanted to know how fracking creates rainbows:
[A blatant example of the manipulation heaped on us.]


Neither of which is complete without a basic understanding of human proclivities:

“The Water Knife” by Paolo Bacigalupi, fiction.

“Democracy In Chains, The Deep History Of The Radical Right’s Stealth Plan For America” by Nancy MacLean, nonfiction.

“Animal Farm” by George Orwell, fiction. (Timeless in it’s insights)

We pride ourselves on being an intelligent species, yet by and large demonstrate less wisdom than basic animals. If you know of anything else this primer list would be incomplete without, please let me know.

It takes more courage to examine the dark corners of your own soul than it does for a soldier to fight on a battlefield.” ~ W.B. Yeats


Take care all
Live with no excuses, Love with no regrets.


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I know I'm getting old when those that wanted me dead at one time and those that would have died for me, have passed away and there is a sadness for each of them

Olly Buckle

OR... or you could do what my Dad used to do... He could never" hear" Mom when she asked him to do something...
And he conveniently "FORGOT" to do anything he did not want to do... ;)

This can lead to a 'discussion', better to do the job willingly and enthusiastically, but so badly you are never asked again. I am actually forbidden to touch the washing machine (most unfairly, everyone needs to get to know a machine and practice).


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Well, now that my wife is confined to bed until she recovers from hospital stays, I'm doing everything including the laundry - you might ask your wife, Olly, how she would like dirty laundry piled to the ceiling.:-D


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Yes this is harsh, but how does one get through to a population that in large part prefers alternate realities. This ain't your Fox News version.

America's money grubbing leadership with their billionaire support strikes again. I just found out I'll have to stay on cheap rat poison the rest of my life, because my doctor recommended (much safer) Eliquis is not a generic drug — the cost up in the range of a choice between eating and medications. I choose to be able to have healthy food on the table in my remaining time, being adverse to providing drug corporation executives and big stock holders the means to buy their spoiled brats a new Porsche each year.

I can understand fair profit and reasonable wages, but as an example an Epipen (also prescribed but told them to stuff it) that costs $2US to manufacture would cost me $600US. Now that's capitalism beyond excess in our supposed democracy. Corporations have been externalizing their costs with cheap labor relying on medicare which our bought and paid for politicians (right and left) have facilitated — that which I paid my full share into all my working career. You can guess where the excess profits go. As Regan coined it, it's "trickle down" economics, well piss on them that believe in such.

What really aggravates me though, is how the power hungry, insecure fools think nothing of trashing the world my grandson (and all our children) will have to get by in.

Someone here mentioned once that they thought eco-fiction was written by Native Americans (actually a very small number of such authors) to shame the rest of us for what we are doing to "their" world. An example of literacy today. When it comes to standing up for such as clean water though, who supported the peaceful, respectful and solemn struggle by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, or cried out when they were met with rubber bullets. This all for the sake of an oil billionaire, when we should be getting on the sustainable energy bandwagon like other countries, especially Europe, are. Of course we also pulled out of participating in the climate accord effort, which is clear evidence of how little we care for our children's future quality of life.

I could go on and on, even at length in how we're accelerating the ongoing sixth great extinction (more complex life forms like ourselves affected the most, because we can't vary our chemistry to the extent microorganisms can), but these points are best kept bite sized ;-) So, I'll end with a poem I once posted here.

Rat's Ass
by L. G. Cullens

Sadly, too few of us give a rat's ass
about selling our children's future
in a dime on the dollar stupor,
slaves of cupidity that we are.

Our trashing sustaining habitat
and reducing essential biodiversity,
is a garbage dump mentality
we leave our children as a legacy.

Our educational institutions
fervently serving up cultural dogma.
Their focus to empower young minds,
in an artificial human bubble.

Alas, not even Nature gives a rat's ass,
content to move on with new life forms.
Driven by consequences,
it's unconcerned who is affected.

PS: Presently getting into the book "Night of the Animals" by Bill Broun. So far it's a great read, also something you Brits might like (setting is London). Also for those that read to improve their own writing, as to my mind the writing is exceptional.
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I posted this so that maybe some would reflect on our obsession with material gain, and how that is leaving a trash dump for our children to get by in. I didn't say grandchildren, because if you're still a thirty something or younger, your grandchildren may not see much of life, given the rate we're diminishing the environment that sustains our being. Yes, we're likely that close to a tipping point in many respects, ecologically and environmentally.

Sorry to poke holes in the human bubble.

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A few days ago on Twitter I posted the book blurb for "Democracy In Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America” by Nancy MacLean. It seems to have stirred up a bit of controversy — surprise, surprise ;-)

The adverse reactions remind me of the special interest ploys re Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” back in the '60s. We don't change much do we :)
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I would have to do some studying to back up my bald assertion (and we all know that's not going to happen) but I believe the existentialists smashed that particular Cartesian paradigm.
They may well have old friend, but to me such exemplifies the theory of our being on the whole free and responsible agents determining our development through acts of will. That is, within the many choices in life that are thrust upon us. Think of it in practice, with our culturally dogmatic pleonexia exemplifying our denial of responsibility for the trash dump we're leaving our children. And to distract any conscience we may allegedly have, we develop a myriad of alternate realities. "I believe therefore I'm right" :)


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For some reason I recalled today that I entered the Army during the old brown boot days. That is, not long before they changed to black boots. They issued everyone black boot dye instead of new boots. For years afterwards new soldiers were issued brown boots with a bottle of black dye. Doubt there are few here that are familiar with the term, "the brown boot days."

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