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Life as a Robot (1 Viewer)



I had to write this essay based on that quote by Miles Davis for my SAT verbal/writing class. (which im taking outside of school) Any comments and suggestions are welcome. I know im not really responding to the prompt, but heck, i dont care.


“My future starts when I wake up every morning... Everyday I find something creative to do with my life.” - Miles Davis This represents exactly who I am not. Everyday I wake up, I press my “auto” button and I’m ready to go. Nothing is special, different or creative. I have no creativity. I walk like a zombie, I think like a zombie. What else can be expected for someone who attends a school with 5,000 other zombie clones?

What makes human stand out from all other life form is their creative ability, they can imagine things and then proceed to make it come true. There is no creativity in me, at least not now.

I am numb. I do not express myself. I never look into the mirror because I am afraid of what I will see. There is no light, only darkness. I do not climb, I fall. I am falling into an bottomless pit of despair, but no one realizes that I’m missing.

I cannot remember that last time I had a good laugh, or something interesting happening in my life. I rely on the bizarre events to have something to talk about.

I read gothic fiction, such as the ones Michael Crichton writes. By reading stories, I can go into my own little world of self pity and escape from reality. I despise the real world. To me, I only see people pretending to be perfect, someone who they are not. “Perfect by nature, icons of self indulgence...,” a quote from a song by Evanescence explains my views of the world. I see all the faults, but I do nothing to change.

Creativity does not come from just waking up in the morning. Inspiration and hope is the key. Those are the crucial elements that I am without.

NOTE: people, you know im just messing with ya! Im not gonna kill myself, you know?

- Jie Geng


Senior Member
It's an interesting insight into your everyday life and the horrors of routine you seem to find yourself falling into. Perhaps all you need to do to change such a self-described drab lifestyle is to find something more. There is always more, after all -- you've found these forums, haven't you?