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Well, since I posted one of Lewis Carroll's entire books on my last thread about him, it was deleted. It was sort of stupid of me to do that, so I'm starting a new one.

I got Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass for Chrismas 2004, with an introduction by somebody by the surname of Byatt. I can't remember the first name offhand, though.

Anyway, in the introduction, I came across an interesting paragraph about Lewis. Here it is:

Carroll loved and collected little girls, sending letters, codes and conundrums, enormous tallies of imaginary kisses and jokes to successive child friends, throughout his life. He was also a success as a photographer in the early days of the art, posing his child friends as waifs and begger-maidens, in the sentimental poses then fashionable, and also taking naked photographs of them.

Now, in case some of you don't know, Alice in Wonderland was written for a little girl named Alice Liddell, who Carroll was obsesssed about. In fact, there were many a young girl whom Carroll obsessed over.

When the paragraph says that Carroll took naked photographs of children, I'm not sure what to think. That may be considered pornography to some, and art to others. Do any of you know anything about Lewis Carroll?

The other thing is, Carroll was going to become a Catholic priest, but didn't. You know the kind of reputations Catholic priests have...

But the thing is, he didn't become one. Wall, anyway, I'm asking for more information about Carroll, or just an opinion about him.




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Alice in Wonderland is my favourite children's story, ever.

I don't know much about Carroll, but I guess the photographs, depending on what they were like, would say whether they're pornographic or artistic in just looking at them.


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I was under the impression that he was homosexual, but I know so little about the man that that could be way off base. When I was searching for credible sources backing that up I found numerous sites claiming that he was Jack the Ripper. Sigh. The net will be no help for me, I fear ;)

I love his work though!

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