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Levine's 2nd Law of Nature (about anything at all) (1 Viewer)


JRod 087

Sometimes you need to really stop your mind and turn it sideways to get another perspective. You know, look at a situation in a different light, they call it. It's true that every story has more than one side, but that can be either positive or negative.
Try examining a random acquaintance of yours, for example. I mean, take this person and dissect them as thoroughly as you can. Study their facial features, the way their eyes shift, how wide they open their mouths to speak, how many creases form when they laugh, and really decide if 1) this person is attractive and 2) what this person's appearance dictates about their character. The latter is really more important, and usually has a strong, immediate impact on the former anyway. Think about how a person's outer shell of flesh and bone is a reflection of self. You probably see someone who smiles all the time, for example. Do you see a literal, physical stretch of the oral muscles and exposure of pearly white teeth, or do you now see a forced attempt at creating an illusion of beauty or happniess? It's really interesting if you think about it, as opposed to merely acknowledge it and throw it away.
Perhaps this concept is not as clear as I would like it to be. Perhaps it's just an idiosyncrasy that I've acquired through trying to understand the nature of individuals as they come and go. Perhaps that theory only applies to the first couple of people you try it with- I don't honestly know, but to me, this forever-winding question has become more real than mystery. That is to say, maybe life really is just a mystery and reality is simply a means of coping with the incessant confusion. Maybe one day it will all seem clear as crystal that none of the aforementioned ideas are completely meaningless and are probably false- but, for now, that is the fuel for my fire in a sense. This quest for comprehension has become a challenging game and actually, a form of entertainment.
Again with a slew of maybes, maybe this fact completely disproves what I said about all this stuff being totally meaningless and worthless. Maybe since I find studying people's characters through their caricatures somewhat amusing, I have a better understanding of life's "mystery vs. reality" complex than most people could ever imagine. Obviously, you the reader has no idea what goes on inside my own head; you would never know if I'm totally pulling these paradoxical words out of thin air or if I'm seriously that intricate about intricacies. Either way, it might do you great benefit to heed this text as if it were 100% accurate, becuase it could very well change the way you see things. Maybe I'll try to understand myself sometime, too, and we can all stare at each other's cheekbones until the sun sets.