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(Moderators, feel free to move this somewhere else if necessary. I tried my best to figure out where was the proper place to post it, but I'm by no means certain I guessed right.)

At school, I (or someone else) sometimes wrote the first sentence of a story on a sheet of paper and asked the others to write one sentence each and pass the sheet on.
It occurred to me it might be interesting to play a collective creation game on this forum, only more challenging. How about we create a crime mystery together?

The premise:
K killed V in a manner that, according to the letter of the law, is intentional homicide.
F found V's dead body. Looking at the body of V, F is convinced that V has been killed. F has no idea who killed V. F has no idea that K has killed anyone.
F can gain financially if V's death is not discovered. That's why F decided not to report the killing of V to the police.

Question to you:
How can F profit from the other people not getting to know that V is dead?

Please suggest ideas. After, say, at least 24 hours have passed and 4 ideas have been suggested, I will choose one, supplement the plot and give you the next question.

It doesn't matter if you have never written a crime story. I haven't.

FYI, I'm not trying to lure you into helping me write a story. I have my hands full working on something completely different. This here is meant as leisurely amusement, to take a short break from you poetry, horror, urban fantasy or whatever. I have no plans with this, just curious to see where it'll lead to.


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I wouldn't mind if I WAS helping you write a story. I've done that plenty. LOL

V is the public face of an important and profitable project, but F has been doing all the real work. F knows he can bring the project to completion, but thinks the project will be scrapped if V is found dead. Plus, F suspects A killed V, and A is an important assistant in completing the project. It will be difficult with V suddenly missing, but F thinks that can be covered.

ETA: I think you're fine right here. Getting a diverse group of people to write a sentence at a time and stay on course will certainly be a challenge! LOL
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