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Less than 50k but still awinner (1 Viewer)


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Well, this year was my first in Nano and I only got to 20,003 words. I know that I could have done much more than that if I did not procrastinate and allow myself to be distracted with free online games.


even though I did not make the 50k I still consider myself a winner. First, I am writing again after a layoff of over five years. I am excited about it again, and have once again become addicted to it.

Secondly I have written more words on this project than I have ever done on a single project before. I used to write mainly short stories, and every time I attempted a novel I failed miserably. Even though my nano novel was off the wall and full of goofy storylines, it was a cohesive story and I did write a lot of it.

I am excited about next year, and am already looking foward to it. I am now working on more serious stuff, and have ideas for three seperate novels. I also have a story submitted to a fiction magazine and I am working on another to submit to more magazines. All of this since signing up for nano in the middle of october.

Nano drew me back to writing and I am excited to be back.