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Mass-market books pumped out as quickly as possible with horribly cliched plots. Afraid to try anything new, different or totally out there.


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King afraid to try anything new? I don't think that's true. Just what constitutes either of their works as trash anyway? What are authors but story tellers? When I think of why I want to be a writer, or how I see myself, I have a mental image of an old man sitting around a campfire, telling stories. The average person doesn't get to experience adventures of epic sword battles and arcane magic. When they turn out the lights, ghouls and goblins don't appear to devour their souls. The only way the average Joe would know what it's like to stand trial for murder is to actually go through it, though I think he'd be to preoccupied to enjoy it. Fiction, be it Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Horror, allows us to experience things that we normally wouldn't be able to. Writing allows an author to use his creativity to convey a story and, in so doing, is able to entertain those who read his stories. To call his work trash because he is able to write alot in a short amount of time is the kind of attitude that the whole art world could do without. It rears it's ugly head in music, art and writing and for what reason? If you don't like a particular author's style, you probably wont read his work any more than you have to. But is it really fair to call King's work trash? I'm sure he works his ass off to write his stories and though he is successful now, this wasn't always the case.

Now, I've always been one who shoots for originality. In my music, and my writing, I have the tendency to throw away an idea if I think there is the slightest chance it will be called unoriginal. The result is that I sit here every night trying to come up with an original idea for a story, trashing one idea after another because I detect hints of other stories in it. But how could I not? What do any of us know besides that which we have learned? And if we are the sum of all we have learned, can anything we do be original? Sure, we can give it a new name, scramble it around a bit and add juicy details here or there, but there is a point where there is nothing really knew to write about. I think we passed that point years ago. So what do we do now, call it quits and stop writing all together? Or do we just write a story that we enjoy writing and hope others will like it as well?


Awesome response, Kane. I've heard the literary circles can be murderous in terms of criticism.

Just what constitutes either of their work as trash anyway?

Good question. Their work continues to sell, not only because they're popular, but because people like their writing style and the tales they spin. If it doesn't take them long to write a book, then great! They're able to support themselves with a career they love. Isn't that everybody's dream?


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I wouldn't call anyone's work trash. It's all just a matter of taste - some people love their work and some hate it. That doesn't make it trash. If it was trash no publisher would bother to publish it in the first place, would they?

Authors like King and Koontz have a lot to live up to (King especially), following work they did previously. This standard can't always be achieved - they've had their highs and lows and have probably dealt with a fair bit of criticism from the media and the reading public, but they continue to write and sell. While I'm not a big fan of either of these authors' books, you can't ever fault them for their abilities to make a career out of writing. Who has the right to label them trash when they can achieve sales and best selling novels?

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Saponification said:
Trash isn't nessecarily "bad." Trash is like a Hollywood movie - it can be fun, but it has no depth or artistic value.

I think we're on the same page here Sap, the term trash is very similiar to the word pulp in this context.

Kane, in terms of what you think makes something trash or worthless or even original is based solely on how you look at yourself as a writer. You obviously view yourself as a story-teller. I like to think a lot more broadly about how writing works and how I can control what I am expressing more effectively.

King and Koontz use direct, mostly chronological narrative to tell stories that have a beginning middle and end and usually a theme or underlying message.

I like pieces of writing that don't necessarily always abide by these rules. Today, success as a writer is measured by a dollar sign. We live in a capitalist world, that's the way it is. BUT, I find that often it's smaller, more extreme writers that push the boundaries of how language works and what writing is capable of that capture my attention and earn my praise. Sure, if I want an easy read I'll pick up some of this genre fiction, but if I want something that pushes boundaries and provides something new, I'll look elsewhere.