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Know of any good crime fiction/mystery books? (1 Viewer)



Whether they are old authors, or modern authors..if they are outstanding books please let me know: 1. Author's name 2. The name of the book 3. Your review of the book

Lisa Hahn

You can email me if you wish at: [email protected]


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While I'm looking forward to read him myself, have you considered The Big Sleep, or indeed anything else, by Raymond Chandler?


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Nicci French has some brilliant thrillers. Beneath the Skin is a great story by her.

I would also suggest reading Michael Connolly and Harlan Coben for some great crime fiction. Real twists and page turners.

Derailed by James Seigel is also oneo f my favourite crime novels!
Enjoy these!! PM me if you read them!



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You could try Stephen J. Cannell. He's written only 3 books, but got years of tv experience (and that's better than it sounds ;) ) I'd recommend 'The Last victim', rather thrilling