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KIng of Faltar: Chapter 1: A Spirit of New (1 Viewer)


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A Spirit of New
the snow was falling outside.
a late spring.
outside the snow was mounting along the Farview valley.
Inside, Tanto was just awaking, to a new a wondrous day.
Turning over in his bedding, his eyes lifted to the shoddy roofing of the Tabern Inn.
His foot loosely knocking Dora, his feline companion who slept silently at the foot of the bed.
The room was small, fitted with night stand and wardrobe.
And on the floor Tantos belongings were neatly stacked in a pile.
His napsack, and robe. A small ration of sweet bread and next to it his short blade.
"Morning Dora." Tanto whispered, "Sorry 'bout that."
she barely noticed as he uncovered himself and bent over to pull her nearer, memorizing the faint remnant of a fair dream.
The venai tribes were gathering for a celebration where his father played host.
A delightful celebration full of cheer and good hope.
The dream was not but a dream however, he realized, as his father was far from hosting parties, and the venai far far peace.
"Time for another day in the drifts." Tanto said to his cat, stroking her behind the ear, barely ready to leave the bed himself.
Dora purred in his lap listening carefully to his words as usual.
"todays gonna be special." tanto promised, unaware of the key significance to his words.
He lifted his feet up and out of bed planting them with a thump on the wooden floor.
The boards creaked as he stood up.
"Hey, sooner up then out." came the voice of Mrs. Flinst, the inn keeper.
Tanto wanted to smile at the crule company of his host, but kept it in.
"C'mmon Dora, you herd the lady."
fully dressed Tanto geared up, grabbing his napsack and robe.
Taking in a steady breath he took in the poorly furnished room one last time, as he did every room he slept and sheathed his blade.
"well common." he said, as Dora, yet to leave the bedding, groomed her self.
She lept off and fallowed close by the ankle as he left the room.
The hallway was even less lavish as they made their way to the stairs.
"Well come on now." Mrs Flinst squabbled as Tanto entered the lobby. "You can't stay here all day. Not without pay."
Tanto arranged his gown and gave a kirt nod. "guess not." he whispered under his breath
Outside was brilliant white.
the sun was hidden behind the tall everest trees in the town of Croond, a small trading post far between here and there.
The sun shown through the snowfall with a yellowish, warm glow.
the snow lay as a thick bed upon the town street.
No one was up or about at this hour but and Dora, for there was nothing yet to do in the snow.
There were no farms in the small trading town, no seeding and animals to attend to.
Tanto stood in the door way for some time fixing his hood before making his was over to the town confectionery.
Dora sank up to her belly even following in his foot steps.
"meow" she called.
"Oh sorry Dora. Thought you could handle the snow." he turned to scoop her up. " Still early eh."
The confectionery was made of stone with a wooden roof and large windows to let in light, closed up to block the mounting snow.
The door was open and Tanto strolled right in.
"Morning." came the welcoming voice of a middle aged man. "Quite the weather we're having isn't it."
Tanto looked up to a gray haired man standing behind a counter. "indeed. Faltar, a beautiful place."
Tanto gave a chuckle and walked over to the counter.
The shelves were filled with all sorts of travel apparel and goods.
"I'm hoping your gonna have some food for a long trek in the snow."
"Travel? In this weather." the man looked shocked, as he should the weather was not letting up this day.
"Your gonna need more than food dressed like that. Perhaps you could use some boots" he offered, leaning over the counter to glance at Tantos ankle high runners.
"Ha ha. no. Just food will be fine. All I have is some sweet bread, looking for something more earthy."
"Ah." the man understood he was out of a sale, "Our stores are running low, you'll have to excuse the prices."
"It's all right, I have enough. "I worked for a herder in the last village. I think these are still good."
Tanto withdrew a handful of coins from his pocket stamped with the imperial seal he acquired from a much varying source than his explanation.
"I think so." The man agreed, he turned to point to the right half of the shop. Shelved of jars filled with preservatives lined the shelves.
Crates with assortments of potatoes, radish, beats and carrots lined the floors.
"We also have a nice array of bread cakes my darling made if you care for some. I keep them behind the shelf so they don't get pocketed. They are that good I assure you."
Tanto smiled and made way for the vegetables. Setting Dora down on the ground he grabbed a grocer bag and began to pick the second to choicest of the fruits.
Always leaving the best for last.
He sword gave a slight clank and shimmer.
This grabbed the merchants attention immediately as he had no other chores to attend to.
"So your a venturous one are you. Where migth I ask are you coming from."
"The far west." Tanto explained grabbing a beat. "I love these" he explained showing the vegetable to the man.
He ignored him, "Empire state!" the man assumed. "what is it like these days?"
Tanto was reluctant to offer an answer.
The King had just recently offered up the duties to the most ambitious man to take his seat upon the throne.
It would likely be one of the Generals whom he'd abandoned his post to.
Tanto weakened as he remembered the day.
Hopefully Gardaroq was proud enough to take the position.
Tanto was always fond of the valiant knight.
A true man Tanto always believed.
He was faithful to the King while he was upon the throne.
The Kingdom was resilient under his office as General.
The other Generals were men of war, self richeous men of valor.
"It is resilient." Tanto offered.
Dora rebuked him with a silent meow rubbing his leg.
It was likely word of the Lords actions had yet to reach the northern villages.
Tanto himself had only left the Kingdom weeks before.
"Then you haven't heard!" the man exclaimed.
Evidently he was wrong.
The man was pointing emphatically to the post pinned to the counters display cabinet. " The King has offered up the throne, with no proclamation of an heir."
Tanto couldn't let the news go without response.
"Does the statement explain why?"
"Nothing, just news of search for the the Kings son."
"He gave a speech! his Honor was at stake. His legacy!"
"so you have heard! Yet you say the Kingdom is resilient. I guess this is good news."
The man picked up a rag and began to brush the cabinets.
TAnto walked up to the counter and piled a bag upon it. "We're not at war."
That was the end of the good news.
To the left of the counter space was a device made of metal.
Gears and levers, counter weighs and gadgets.
The man tampered with the device and Tanto could see the counter wobble.
The device was a scale.
"That will be four Goliens." The man pronounced.
Tanto left the store with a slight heir of disappointment.
He did not care to mention the King in such circumstances.
He tied the bag of beats and potatoes to his belts assortment.
"Good travels." the man offered as the door came to a close.
The snow was thickening, but with Dora upon his shoulder, seated upon the napsack he trudged out into the wake.

The day was beautifully warm despite the weather.
A few small houses lined the road along the main trail. He passed a few women along their way to the market, but offered no conversation as they waved their greetings.
Tanto imagined he looked odd, a young boy walking the streets alone but only remember his mission and headed on his way.
The Fariew was quite barren, despite the untapped natural resources.
It was prime farm land on the fringes of an expanding empire.
Tanto walked for half the day before deciding it was necessary to rest.
His boots, treated with oils had yet to yield tot he wet snow, though his panting her soaked.
He chose a place under a large Ornock tree.
The branches extend far from the base creating a perfect canopy.
The snow was only inches deep here where Tanto set his bag at the base of the tree to much out on some potatoes.
He often ate them raw now adays.
A habbit he picked up from rading kitchen stores.
Despite the tarty taste and grainy texture he enjoyed them enough to save his beats.
“Here Dora.” He offered her some he'd chewed.
There was a slight breeze and a sudden voice.
“Here here. What might I ask are you doing here?”
Tanto shooked with surprise and glanced over his shoulder to see who had spoken.
No one was there to be seen.
Tanto's eyes widened in fear.
“Here here. I am here.”
Tanto looked about frantically but could see no visitors.
“Where?” he asked
“here.” came the reply
“Where are you I don't see you.” he insisted.
“Here.” came the voice again. “Here here. My forgiveness.”
The snow swirled up about him and into a figure held in the breeze.
“A wind spirit!” Tanto exclaimed.
With swift efficiency he pulled his stuff together into his arms, Dora already seated upon his lap.
Wind spirits where often known to be quite troublesome.
Men had often been led far off into the woods to be lost for days or weeks.
Tanto had never met one before. They were said to live all upon the face of Faltar.
“Who are you!” Tanto demanded, no longer afraid but ever vigilant.
It was said magics could be used to call upon wind spirits by name, it was his cause to remember this one eternally – for good news or bad.
“My name IS Windsmere.” the spirit said in a whimsical voice.
“What might I ask is your name here?”
“Here you can call me Tanato.” Tanto said using his make belief name for ventures and quests of his imagination.
“Here Tanto. Come here.” the spirit whispered with a beconning wave.
“Why not stay here?”
“We've been here. Come here.”
“I've been there. I've only just arrived here.”
“Then here.” the voice said hurriedly whisping over to Tanto's left.
The spirit looked like a cute female made of snowflakes and breeze that chilled his nose.
The noise of it's movement was whimsical like it's voice.
“Where are you taking me?” Tanto asked with curiosity.
“To here. Here here.”
Tanto put Dora side now that he was convinced.
He quickly picked up his back and strapped it to his belt and threw his napsack over his shoulder.
The spirit looked thrilled, spinning and veering under the canopy of the tree creating a dance of snow in Tanto's midst.
“I'm going to Servana.” Tanto explained.
“Never heard of Servana.” The breeze answered in a girlish tone.
Tanto felt the spirit was quite childish. “Have you not been there? You should come with me!”
Tanto had a brilliant idea to trap the spirit in a task.
“I've been here, here and here, but not here of which you speak. Here , come here.”
The spirit moved out into the snow swirling in a mist.
Tanto took one step and the spirit moved about in the open like a ballay.
Tanto left Dora to walk for herself as he followed Windsmere.
The dance left the trail open for Tanto to walk.
Snow ceased to fall from the sky.
“Here here.” Windsmere said joyfully calling Tanto forward.
Following The wind spirit out into the wilderness was not on Tanto's schedule, but it was difficult to tease Windsmere into fallowing the set path.
“Have you ever met a boy before?” Tanto asked after walking fro some time.
Windsmere came close to his face, and made a gesture with her nose indicating either hard thinking or some kind of detection of sorts.
“I've met travelers along the roads. Traveling bands with standards, and women in their fields... “ she recalled, “but never a boy.” she decided, spinning backwards away from Tanto and back along the path, tossing snow here and there.
Tanto was glad to hear this, he felt as though his new friend was as much glad to meet him as lead him.
The wake in which he walked was also very much welcome.
They walked along some more.
Tanto ended up carrying Dora after some time.
Ask the sun began to descend from the highest reaches of the sky Tanto began to grow tired.
“Where are we headed?” Tanto inquired, knowing he had stuck to the trail.
“Here here.” the spirit answered tirelessly.
Tanto grew weary of hearing this now, though he enjoyed the sweet essence of her youth.
Her Tanto had decided to call her.
Tanto tried to explain his condition tot he eternal spirit. “I'm tired. I need a place to rest. Can you find me a place to rest?”
Tanto looked around and saw many trees to rest under, but understood he'd be walking all through the night and had a question, “Do you sleep during the night?”
The spirit slowed to a stop and looked at Tanto from her station far ahead of him.
“During the night I walk.” She said with a serene melody.
Tanto was thankful to hear it.
Glad to hear the spirit would slow it's pace.
“The night is sacred to the Winds, from evening to dawn. Calm. From here to here all is calm.”
Tanto smiled and scratched Dora behind the ear.
“Can you search for me before dark. I need a place to rest.”
The spirit smiled back and threw herself up into the air. “Indeed! Here here.”
She soared like a bird until all the snow that composed her figure dissipated.
Tanto came to a stop and looked skywards.
There was no sign of her presence.
“Dora...” Tanto spoke, feeling alone.
“ Here here!” Windsmere called as she returned. “ this way. Come here!”
Tanto forgot his nervous instincts and followed the spirit out into the wilderness.

The spirit called continuously as they made their way through the wood.
“Here here. Come here.”
As Tanto followed his regret grew.
He wished he had not asked the spirit which way to go.
The forest was growing thick now, Tanto wasn't sure if he was still in the Farview valley.
“Windsmere. Where are we going. Are we lost?” Tanto began.
“lost. How could we be lost, we're here.”
The question sounded stupid when you said it like that.
“Windsmere, I'm lost, I don't know where here is. I need to rest.”
Tanto came to an abrupt halt.
“Where are we going!”
“Hello...?” came a girls voice.
Tanto inhaled deep.
“hello.” he said, no louder than as if to Dora whom sat perched upon his shoulder yet again.
“Hello.” came the girls voice once again.
Windsmere turned to look at Tanto.
“We're here.”
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