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Kickstarting a new book series (1 Viewer)


This is something I've been on the fence about, I have a book series that I've been planning for a long time and I think there's a pretty large market for it. How does this community feel when it comes to Kickstarting a major series? It seems like a nice way to enhance the profile of your book while also ensuring book sales, should the Kickstarter be successful. It seems to me that the trick is not be too ambitious with the funding goal, and to not expect any explosion of interest for an unknown writer.

Would it be advisable to wait until I have several books finished in the series before I hit go on that particular idea? Or is there some kind of reason to avoid that framework altogether? I'd assume this wouldn't even be a consideration for people who already have an agreement with a publisher.

What are your thoughts?

Ralph Rotten

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Media Manager
Y'know you can indie publish a book for just a couple hundred dollars if you have the skills. It's really not that expensive...unless you have to pay someone else to do the work.


In terms of my own personal series, I'm planning to make what I'm writing now the foundation for what is to come. Specifically I'm looking to hire an artist to begin making it into a comic after I've completed a few books worth of content and, should I see a good amount of success, expand from two people into a larger support team. Eventually I can even dream of making the books into an animated series.

While I have a decent piggy bank behind me already, the process of slowly hiring on staff, (Again, assuming some form of success is achieved in the purely written form) seems like it'd slowly drain out my financial reserves. I have considered that my overhead when just purely writing won't be particularly high, but Kickstarting does seem like another way of increasing your book series profile, one that has the added benefit of also guaranteeing a minimal income stream.