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Kiaora (or, hello) (1 Viewer)


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Well, I'm glad to find this place. I've been writing for years, had a few poems published here and there. Done a degree in English literature, and am planning on a Masters in Creative Writing in 2009. I took a long break from writing, and am just getting back into it, and although I belong to a writing group (just a group of friends) would be great to have a wider range of opinions, and also to give some feedback.

I write contemporary lit. fiction in the form of short stories, often informed by my New Zealand culture. I also write poetry, but not so much anymore.

See you all about!


Kiaora back!
Im not a New Zealander (pakeha?) but my nephew is. My sister has lived there for 12 years. I visited once and have been aching to go back. Welcome to the site!
Cant wait to read your stuff.


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Thanks again - how welcoming you all are. :D

Portia - 'pakeha' is simply the Maori name given to New Zealand Europeans - the 'white' people (it's actually quite degrading n its original form, but has now softened to become a common, acceptable name.

And a warm welcome to you too).