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Keep Your God Waiting: Dynamic Health and Great Sex (1 Viewer)


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Keep Your God Waiting Dynamic Health and Great Sex
Michael Coleman
Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 141207392-8
Non-Fiction, Health

Michael Coleman has put together several comprehensive exercise programs that help you strengthen and restore your vitality and health. These are simple exercises that take less than 15 minutes per day that stimulate and strengthen the organs, glands, and vital processes. Once you begin feeling better, he recommends that you start a 30 minute walking regimen. He gives guidelines of how to start a walking plan and adds in meditation techniques for increased vitality and stress relief. Many of these exercises appear to be based upon Yoga principles. The ones that I have personally experimented with give excellent results and relieve stress symptoms like the author claims. The wonderful benefits of these exercises are compounded by the fact that no other equipment or cost to perform them is needed. You just need a quiet place to sit and perform the exercises. They are so easy to do and so gentle that anyone, even an invalid could begin slowly working their way towards dynamic health. These exercises seem to produce a calming but alert and energized effect on the body that is similar to a gentle meditation experience.