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Kafka's The Castle (1 Viewer)

Short Tooth

Senior Member
I'm currently reading this, are there any fans out there I've had the book for four years and I'm only just getting round to it. It's great so far. Obviously about beauraucracy (I never spell that word right), alienation and bizarre places, the surreal approach makes this a fascinating read. His main characters are succeptable to outburts much like Dostoyevsky's RASKOLNIKOV, and I Like these characters traits. Anyone read it?


Senior Member
ive read pretty much all kafka, right down to the blue octavo notebooks. i think that the castle is meritous, even though the trial and the metamorphosis are, in my mind, his best stuff. the castle was never really finished, so that kind of irks me. i wonder what franzy had planned. also, im assuming you are reading him in translation. which edition? the latest one by harman, based on the restored text, read reeeeeeeeally weirdly to me, while the good old fashioned eddy and willa muir one read more smoothly. then again, rumor has it that the latter kind of doctored the manuscript to make their Christian-allegorical reading more coherent.

again, pretty good, but id take the trial or gregor any day.