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Justice At a Price (some slight language) (1 Viewer)

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It had been months since the crusaders departed from their homelands. Months it has been and their food supply was running low. Leon marched with the rest of the knights Hospitaller. They were off to fight in the holy lands, but for Leon it was not a fight for land but for his soul. “So where are you from?” the Noble riding right next to him, asked. Leon thought about his homeland in Britain. The pain was a bit too much for him to talk so he said nothing. The Nobleman chuckled, “you seem to forget who you’re talking too peasant. I am Faux De Villiers, son of the Guillaume De Villiers Grand Master of our order. And you’d do well to remember it.” And the young Man rode ahead leaving Leon alone.
They were somewhere in the Rhineland, Leon was sure. The tall trees and brush did not give way, and the weather was taking a turn for the worst. Leon was out foraging in the woods, looking for game or anything in which to satisfy his hunger. The many bushes had a variety of berries but he recognized none of them. He heard many things in the forest, the sound of critters communicating to each other, the birds chirping in the distance. He heard something distinct though, it was singing. It was more of a hum but it was soft and light. Leon traversed the forage to find the source. It was drawing ever closer as he moved towards it, and finally he found it. A clearing full of wildflowers, and blackberries; and sitting in the middle was a young girl. Her hair was red, and her skin fair, she was probably no older than seventeen. Leon moved closer but as he did so his foot stepped on a twig and snapped it; the sudden sound grabbed the girl’s attention as she looked up. Her eyes met his and his heart melted to pieces. She did not seem afraid of him, but merely curious. She rose and gently, walking closer to him with her hands behind her back. She stepped ever closer, and Leon did not move or flinch. In seconds she was in front of him, she presented him a purple flower. Leon reached out slowly and accepted it. She smiled and ran into the forest, leaving Leon alone with the meadow.
Leon was constantly thinking of the girl, she was not scared or frightened of him yet she should. They marched many miles and men began dying of hunger. They needed supplies fast or there would be no army left. Several days of marching in the rain had taken a toll, but the n suddenly a scout returned; running madly towards them. “A village Milord! just a few hours ahead!” Faux smiled like a fox in the hen house. They rode for what seemed to Leon to be days in reality it was just two hours. The village was in the thick of the forest, and was meager to say the least. The crusaders rode into there as if they owned the property; the headman of the village walked out to greet them, he was a gangly man and seemed to be suffering from the same thing as them; starvation. “How can we help you good sir Knights?” he said with a thick Germanic accent. “We have run out of all our supplies and require replenishment; we demand tribute for the Holy crusade.” Faux said. The headman frowned, “But sire we have given everything to the last Crusaders we have nothing…”
“Filthy peasant! How dare you lie to me!” Faux yelled. “I am not lying I swear upon my honor!” “You are a serf! You have no Honor!” Suddenly Faux brandished his sword and hacked the man’s face apart. The crusaders broke rank and followed their leader’s example. They burned and pillaged the village in search of food, but found only woman and children. The men of the village were just elders. Leon didn’t partake in the pillage he sat there and watched as innocent people were killed in the Lords name. “Sire looky what we found!” The crusader threw a girl on the ground, and Leon’s heart sank as he recognized her; it was the redhead from the meadow. Leon stepped forward to claim her, but Faux beat him to it. He rushed forward and grabbed the girl by the hair. “Ah a little flower in this shit pile of a village eh?” the girl struggled but was slapped to the ground. “Does any man challenge my right to have her?!” The men laughed at the thought. “if he does let him come out now!” They laughed even harder. He grabbed her dress and began to rip it. The men cheered and jeered at the show. Leon clenched his fists, what could he Do he was one man, lowly born at that! Suddenly memories of his family returned, and he was reminded of his duty and honor. The rain began to fall harder, and Leon stepped out with his left foot, and entered the circle of fate. Faux stopped and looked up for a second, but the laughter had ceased; and all were silent now. “What do you want!?” Faux demanded. Leon hesitated but his face was stone. “I said-“; “I heard what you said, but I thought it would be obvious.” His voice was hoarse and raspy from lack of use. “You’ve got some balls for challenging me, you know who I am?” Leon nodded, and slowly drew his sword. “Your name is as valuable as your honor, which is to say worthless, you prey on the innocent in God’s name, and seek to take that which is not yours.” The nobleman dropped the girl and stood now, his face was one of rage. “How dare you…you slime, you piece of shit! God has granted me authority to do as I see fit.” “God gave no man that right. You’ll answer to him just as I will.” The reminder of his mortality filled the young man with fear. He whipped out his sword, and charged; Leon dodged plainly and backed up a bit. Faux snarled and slashed wildly at Leon, but Leon parried and slapped the young man in the face with the back of the blade. The insult sent Faux into a further fit of rage; “KILL HIM!” soldiers entered the parley, and drew their weapons. Leon closed his eyes, he remembered his daughters face as she played. He thought of his wife, and her smile in the red light of the evening. He felt the fires that burned them at the stake, and with that he charged his foes with a ferocity and rage. The first one panicked and swung low, Leon caught his blade pushed in; knocking the sword into the dirt. Leon spun and to parry the other’s blade and back stepped away. He breathed to gain control of his adrenaline and to focus. The soldier picked up his weapon and attempted a thrust; Leon dodged and stabbed the man in the shoulder. He cried in pain as he fell, the other quickly tried to intervene but Leon rushed him and cut his right leg in two. “All of you get him!” Leon grabbed the girl “Run!” She was crying but she understood, she ran into the darkness as Leon turned to embrace his oblivion. “God give me strength…”
He readied himself for the ancient dance of death, he swung his sword. He parried and blocked his foes. He would die he knew, but he died now with honor. He fought hard against his foes but was subdued, a spear head clenched his leg, and a club smashed his head. He fell to the ground and struggled to rise but Faux stepped on his back. “I’m not gonna kill you yet, I’m gonna burn you like the heretic you are; bind him!” Leon closed his eyes and embraced the darkness that followed.
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