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Just wished to smile and say hello (1 Viewer)



As you can see my username is 4him4her4you

I wanted to introduce myself as I hope to use your forum over the next number of years to improve my writing, gain inspiration and possibly even meet some new interesting people.

I am rewriting a piece of work I wrote 2 years ago. When first written only a select few had read and it brought tears to one person however I believe that to happen as they knew me but I also like to think it may have brought back her own memories of a similar situation. I am interested in sharing that piece of writing, if people wish to read it that would please me.

The short story itself is roughly 3500words long and is an account of a period in my own life which I hope I have documented to be of interesting reading. Even though it is mostly of truth I would still class it to be of non-fictional substance, its a fine line, but thats how I would class it. The reason I speak about this single piece is I am unsure where to place it. I believe it to be a short story but at 3500words is that too large to go into the short story category?

About myself, I am a Scottish man who likes to travel. I am a trained Filmmaker and work alot within community arts. In February I intend to rent a cottage by Loch Ness for 3months and work on my writing, more script writing but I would hope to have some short stories to show for my time as well. At least a basis to work on.

Many thanks for reading my introduction and I hope to get to know many of you.

Have a lovely day

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Let me be the first to welcome you to Writing Forums, 4him4her4you! Hope you'll like it here!

Hey and nice to meet you. I think travel is good for stimulating the senses, and Loch Ness...yeah, that sounds like a pretty fine place to start writing. Apart from what you can find scattered around the site (which I've found helpful by itself), you'll have to follow Unspoken Rule #1 - Critique and thou shall be critiqued...or something. Anyway, welcome ^^'


Thank you very much to you all for the lovely welcome.

It would certainly make sense that a new person should read the work of others first. Earlier today I had read some short stories before joining. I'll certainly go back and give my opinion, I don't feel I am of any standard to criticize but I guess everyones opinions are merely one man or womans single opinion. I hope people do the same for me.

Thanks again :)

mi is happy

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Good Evening. I welcome you to the forum. I look forward to reading your peice. I hope you enjoy it on here.