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About Me:
(1) My parents found it satisfactory to call me Kristie.
(2) I'm of a specific age and race and I even breathe air and drink water.
(3) I count my steps by fours as I walk. I don't know why.
(4) I've been known to stare out the window for hours at a time wondering "Where the hell is everyone going?" and happy I'm not there when they arrive.
(5) Also, someone found me special enough to pick me out of an entire planet and marry me and call me his wife. I love him for that.
(6) Kristie moved to this location in hopes of bettering her life and has now found herself surrounded by the freakiest of the freaks. She was raised in a very small rural town somewhere that has now been deleted from all maps. Luckily, Kristie was not in the location of said rural town at the time of its deletion or else she would not be here as she too would have been deleted and therefore would not be able to shine her sunshine on us. Yet, she has barely recovered from living in such a place and seldom can speak coherently. At times, you can walk in and find her spinning in circles. Kristie's day to day life includes perfecting her air hockey skills and ridiculing lousy commercials. She hopes to one day fall into a lengthy coma without nightmares.
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