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Just Thinking II (1 Viewer)


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Today was the moment of truth as the partners for square-dancing were randomly chosen by two of the three gym teachers. We all knew that someone would be pared up with the jock, or the gothic people, but still yet, there were a couple of things that shouldn’t have happened today, such as taunting, teasing, and much more. If we’re supposed to live in a society that respects every individual, there shouldn’t be anything like that at all.

The names of everyone were in a yellow and white box; yellow for boys, white for girls. We were extremely nervous for being placed with someone we really didn’t like, or at least I was, until I was picked to be with someone that I was friends with last year, who just happened to be the unpopular one of the group. Of course, as we both got up, there were some comments made, which really pissed me off. There was laughing, which pissed me off even more. I looked at the people that said those things and just glared. They shut up fast; yet, they still mocked more and more people, including myself.

This is what I was talking about in my last “Just Thinking” essay. Why do people have to do this? Obviously, it’s out of pure enjoyment. They don’t care whether or not they hurt any feelings. They don’t care what they do, as long as they’re not the butt of the joke. But the thing that really got me going was that the teachers weren’t doing anything about it. They were either laughing along, or just blocking it out of their mind. Now, that answers my question about why teachers don’t see it at all. They are either laughing along, or trying to push it away so they don’t have to deal with it.

I think that the teachers have a huge, huge role in peer pressure, especially the rookies, where they’re just like the kids. I believe they just let them do what they want, because they either favor them one way or another, whether they’re talented in sports, or a really good student. However, if they use favoritism to their advantage, I’m disgusted. People like that shouldn’t use it to their advantage, because they know they can get away with it.

Popularity is another issue to this complicated world of pressure. There you have a jock, good at everything that you possibly can excel at, however, there’s one powerful flaw about them. They put too much pressure on a lot of people who aren’t like them. My question is why do we have to be like them? Can’t we be ourselves, and express ourselves in our own way, instead of being just like them? There is only one answer to that. Peer pressure. If we don’t be just like them, there are many consequences. We could either live our lives, burning the thought into our head that we’ve screwed up. Or questioning ourselves on the fact we had the chance to be just like them.

When a jock was chosen for square-dancing, there were only a couple of possible girls left. I knew who he had in mind, but if there was only a one in five chance of getting her, the odds were against him. Just to make a quick note, he was one of the many that were making comments and taunting as the selections were made. Who would be the one laughing now as one of the girls names would be called next? Me. He was paired with someone who dressed up in all black everyday, has weird things from a nail to a paperclip in their ears, and is completely unpopular in his perspective. My partner, as they were getting situated, screamed, “Don’t touch the jock!” It figures, but once again, why would they say something like that? They say the things like that, because they’re being tortured by them in general. Just because of the experiences they went through, why wouldn’t they want to be like that?

Finally, all the selections were made, and everyone, (mostly the jocks), went up to the teachers, complaining. This made me laugh even harder. Just because something they wanted didn’t go their way, they just complained about it continuously afterwards in the locker room. “I would’ve been appreciative if I knew the person that I have to work with.”
Again, I had to laugh. I wonder why they don’t know them. I wonder why they don’t take the time to understand where everyone is who isn’t like them, but still yet, they don’t bother, all because they’re shallow.

You’re shallow.

You are free to do what you want with this. What I would like most of all, is feedback on whether you can somehow relate to it all.