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Just finished reading "On Writing" (1 Viewer)


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Hi there and happy monday to everyone. About an hour and a half ago, during my lunch break, i finished reading "On Writing" by Stephen King and i was moved to say the very least.

I find myself rededicated to writing, looking to improve myslf and start a program of writing each and every day on subjects, hell, any subjects chico. His story is inspiring and he confirmed some things about the craft that i have always believed and other things i did not.

While his story, how he became who he is, is a unique one the practical things he has said about writing certainly have spurred me to go ahead and try and become better. If i do not succeed, it will not be from a lack of effort.

All in all and enjoyable, edifying read; one that i highly reccomend to everyone. Everyone, that is, who has not already partaken of the font of knowledge and inspiration.

Have a great day everyone .....

J.R. MacLean

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Yeah, I enjoyed King's book as well. He's a writer many enjoy looking down on, and to be honest, I've not read any of his novels, but enjoyed and learned from this one.
Others with comments on writing that come to mind. Hemingway in A Moveable Feast, Natalie Goldberg, Writing down the Bones.
Really though, one learns how to write by writing, like one learns anything, from bricklaying to extra languages.


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Not a fan of King. I never would have read this book if my English teacher hadn't insisted I read it. Good thing, too. It taught me a lot. Better to read this book than to learn by trial and error.

It bored me at first, but once he finally got down to the actual writing, I loved it, and would set it down periodically because I couldn't wait to start writing again.


I'm currently listening to the audio tape (I spend alot of time on the road). Far better this way! He narrates it himself.


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This book is the reason I've chosen to pursue a writing career.

I am, however, a huge King fan.