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just bought 5 books (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
after a long discussion on how great some books are with my friend, her sister and her other friends, it motivated me to buy some books so that i would have something to do over the summer besides hanging out on the comp or watching tv. so they had a sale at waldenbooks in the mall-buy 4 get one free. so i did. and these are the books that i got:
dean koontz-whispers
david klass-you don't know me
stephen king-thinner
stephen king-misery
stephen king-night shift
im in the process of reading you dont know me and i have the habbit of skimming through the back to see what happens in the future so i alreayd know that somehow he gets drunk from the holiday dance. but anyway the whole point of this thread is to ask any and everyones opinion on these books, if youve read them. tell me if theyre good or not and what i should expect.


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I'm not that into horror stories. But if you love Stephen King, I would recommend you On Writing. First half discusses about his life. The other half is on the writing life.


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I read Misery. It was excellent. One of my prefered King books. i never liked Koontz. Comparing King and Koontz always reminds me of that Family Guy moment.
-Oh my God, I ran over Stephen King!
-Actually, I'm Dean Koontz
-Oh... (gets back in car, runs over Koontz some more)