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Anyone ever read this book? It is crazy! It comes in the form of a diary, similar to one of those hardcovered notebooks with the black and white cover. It is about this boy who had all sorts of fucked up shit that happened to him and his parents (esp. the story about his father and the hill) and he tells it in his first person perspective, all written out in his diary. He thinks he talks to this guy named Jack, and he believes Jack to be a ghost. Whenever the boy gets angry, he believes that Jack enters his body and takes over his soul. There is a lot of writing in the book about the boy talking to his psychologist about Jack and whatnot. You also learn about all the of horrendous things that happened to him when he was younger. He only has step parents, he witnessed his mom brutally murdered by his dad when he was 4, and the other tragedies that struck his real family just have to be experienced through this reading.

Anyway he finds out that he is really suffering Dissassociative Identity Disorder (same thing as MPD) and is also scitzophrenic (there is a difference), most likely due to the tragedies he undertook growing up. Once he comes to this realization, he doesn't see Jack anymore. This is because every time he saw or talked to Jack, he was really just seeing an objective picture of his alternate personality, created to deal with horrible tragedies as a hate entity/archtype. This is why the boy (real name Daniel) could never see Jack's face, as it was always a sillouette that slowly faded the taller he got.

This is where it gets really fucked up. Basically Daniel goes through all this rough shit with his girlfriend/ex girlfriend (a little later in life). He ends up killing her.

The crazy fucked up story ends where you find out that the whole diary is really written by THE MOM, it was really her who developed a multiple/alternate personality due to the tragedy of Daniel's father (her husband) beating him and killing him in a drunken rage when he was 4. So there really never was a boy named Daniel writing the diary with Diss. Identity Disorder and scitzophrenia, he was really killed when he was 4 and now the whole thing was really the fucked up psyche of his mom, trying to cope and deal with the tragic loss of her son (among other problems). Talk about a fucked up woman and talk about one hell of a trick ending!



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Do you specialise in just making books up and posting about them here, like some latter-day Borges?