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Jonathan Lethem: The Fortress of Solitude (1 Viewer)

Magnum Opus

Has anyone read this book?

I first heard about it and expected a lot from it, and so far have been a bit dissappointed to be honest.

One of my biggest qualms has been the writing style, it seems...disjointed or something, I can't put a finger on it exactly. I mean it has made delving into the story very hard to do, and usually I don't have a problem reading anything; if I did Norse mythology wouldn't stand proud on my bookshelf like it does.

Still, the book, from the word go has been very hard to get into, and I can't put a finger on it.

Has anyone else read the book who might be able to offer insight.

Winged Sandals

Senior Member
(This will probably be a very stupid statement; brace yourself.) The Fortress of Solitude? As in Superman? o_O;

Er, as for your question, I obviously haven't read the book, but if you aren't getting a feel for it, it might be best to set it aside for now. Or maybe have some mind candy avaliable to read whenever you get into a slump with it, heh.

Magnum Opus

No it isn't about Superman, though that is the most obvious question that follows my namingt he book, and I should have madethat clearer.

It's actually about New York, set some years ago, and Black-White relations between two boys, and how they find refuge in their friendship.

At least that is what it is touted as, but I may not figure that out since I can't get far enough into it to figue it out.

The thing is like I expressed before, I don't usually have this sort of trouble when I read. I just for some reason can't get into this book, and for the life of me can't even remember what it is I have read.

Though I have tried that tact, stepping away from it, but it doesn't seem to help.