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Jon Tree - White Stripes (We're Gonna Be Friends) (1 Viewer)


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sorry, tree, but most of us don't go elsewhere to read posters' material... you need to paste an excerpt of your script into the post, if you want feedback on it...
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You mean... Go into another website? Blaspheme!
Paste it here... We won't bite... Well except for people who give bad advice. 'Cos they're actually rabid dogs who can work a computer and the english language!
(That was funny.... Laugh!)


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if it's a video, why do you want to post it on a writer's forum?... does it have dialog that you want us to critique, or what?


just wanted to see your reactions, i guess. i was excited about the product; the colors and everything. i'm sorry if it's inappropriate.


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oh... no harm done... i doubt any charges will be filed...

ego te absolvo... go, and sin no more! ;-)

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