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John Saul is one of my favorite authors. My favorite of his would have to be "Suffer the Children". Sadly after a couple of books, they sort of have similiar plots, like V.C Andrews...like why keep writing books if the author is dead? makes no sense to me, but "Flowers in the Attic" and "My Sweet Audrina" were good.



Shadows was my favorite of John Saul's books. I love his writing too.



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My favorite John Saul is God Project. When I was twelve, I was up finishing that book at 2am in the darkened downstairs living room of my house (I lived in the very dark country then with no street lights and incessant wind sighing through the trees). The stairs were at my back leading to the dark abyss of the silent upper level. As I read the last few sentences, I the stairs creaked ominously. I spun around and nearly shrieked...turns out, my mom was coming down to tell me to go to bed. Anyway, it totally creeped me out and hooked me on his books. I've all but four or five.