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just wondering, what does everyone work as here, or if you are in school/collage whatever, what are you studying. just trying to get to know the people aorund here. :):)



I'm unemployed...\\:D/

Just kidding... I need a job as bad as I need air.


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i'm 68, a former full time, stay-at-home mom of 7, current grandmom of 18 [at last count], who does nothing for money... i help writers all over the world by email for free and run a donation center i set up on this tiny tropical isle in the middle of nowhere, for the islanders, most of whom are in dire need... i gave away my home and all i owned a dozen years ago and vowed to never again do anything for money... eerily, all i've needed has just dropped in my lap, ever since... if you want to know more, you can browse my website...

love and hugs, maia


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Presumable one of those things you need that fell into your lap is a computer? Hopefully a laptop, or it falling there might have been a bit painful.


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lol!... you're right, i have had 'puters drop in my lap, more than once... and the drop was figurative, not literal, thank goodness!


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Currently I am unemployed.

But I am moving up to scotland soon to get a job in the oil industry, you never know I could actually end up using my degree.


Student, possibly grad-bound two falls from now. Not in English (prefer making my own reading lists and chasing my own prompts).


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I’ve traveled around a bit, and I’m now a full-time writer, but most of my bills are still being paid from the traveling around bit.
Hobbes said:
prefer making my own reading lists

I hear you.

Second year of a degree in English with Creative Writing, three novels a week and essay deadlines looming... Although I can't think of much else I'd rather be doing.



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they all sound really cool, especially what you do mama, it myst have been hard starting again with nothing.

i didn't mention before what i actually did, which is nothing, lol. i am still at school but when i get to university (hopefully) i want to study psychology and move to America. big dreams for a little girl but what the hell.


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I'm an office manager full-time at a software distribution company and a bookstore clerk part-time. (WAHOOO) But I'm working on getting my degree so I can get back to what I really want to be doing... child psych and social work.