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Jimmy here :) I write Omnist Fiction aka Progressive Christian Fiction (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
I'm Jimmy,
29, Chicago

I'm a Queer/Progressive Christian/Omnist

I write stories that no one's ever read before.

I wanna make tv shows and movies that will change the world forever

I believe in giving people hope/something to believe in.

My stories consist of Growing/Changing into a better human, Heroes of all types,
Queer Romances, making people question everything.

Heck. I even have characters that are proud virgins.

My protagonists/Heroes are the Underdog/Black Sheep/The Outcast.

I think this sick world could use a message of hope.


Welcome to the forum. Please don't cure my sickness though. Rather like a rotten Granny Smith, it's far more interesting to paint than a crispy green apple.