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Jennifer Government-A Must Read (1 Viewer)


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Jennifer Government is great alternate reality dystopian novel where most corporations have more power than the government, and everyone's last name states who they work for. It's got a (literally) wicked sense of humor to it, as well.

The book is written by Max Barry, who has also written Syrup and Company. Syrup was okay for me and Company was great, but neither one is nearly as amazing as Jennifer Government. He also has created a browser-based game based on the book, which is immensly fun as well. (Clicky!)

I am going to ask for this book for Christmas, if I can stand not owning it that long. :)
I have read Jennifer Government and it is a great read.

Society today is just one step away from what Barry writes about. It is a bit like 1984 in that sense.


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It was average, as I remember it. A nice dystopian vision with satirical moments let down by a narrative without drive.

Girl in Story

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You know, there's a new Max Barry out called Company that I just finished, and it's absolutely incredible. You should definitely pick it up.