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James Herbert (1 Viewer)



I remember hearing somewhere that he writes great horror stories or just good stories in general. Is there any one book in particular written by him that's worth reading? Or a few books?


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James Herbert - Read 'The Fog'. It's probably the best and most well known. I think it was also made into a film, though I could be wrong on that. Also, 'Fluke' is good.


Fluke, The Rats and The Survivor are my favourites from him.

I read an awful lot of James Herbert in my early teens, very in your face slasher style for the most part. A jolly good gory time, I remember him very fondly (although my mother would have had a fit if she had known the extent of the sex and death I was reading).

Having said that, Fluke isn't horror at all and The Survivor is quite sedate compared to the mad mayhem in a lot of his early works.


I've heard that Once is good, what kind of reviews would you give it?