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Does anyone here read Jackie Collins? I have my favorite authors, but when I need a boost I pull out one of her books. To me, Jackie Collins is the "guilty pleasure author"; her books aren't the best but they are just so much fun to read. She captures the tabloid fantasies of Hollywood and L.A. perfectly, and they're always hilariously trashy and very tongue-in-cheek. I just picked up her newest paperback, which is Hollywood Divorces. If you haven't read Jackie Collins, start with either Thrill! (which is my favorite) or her Lucky Santiago series, which were the books that made her famous as an author. :D


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I've read Hollywood Wives. I know what you mean about 'guilty pleasure!'
The same goes for all those 'chick lit' books. They're really fun to read, but they usually aren't written that well.

Grace :D

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Jackie Collins, never read any of her books and don't plan to either. I heard her books were good, however. But I guess her books aren't my type.
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