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Hello friends!

As it says in the title box, I have always been a writer, a technical writer that is. I am also a published author, having my Buddhism in Britain published in 1979 by Riders of London. Currently I am a technical writer/editor for a large gas operator in the Middle East.

My writing career has taken me to Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Indonesia (East Kalimantan), Libya, Abu Dhabi, Canada, Equatorial Guinea, Kuwait and Qatar.

I dabbled in screenplay writing as a hobby back in the 90s and have written a book of short stories (with an agent in London). The screenplay, although I say it myself, is a cracker and I am still looking to have this produced.

I am a regular contributor to the Daily Express 'Letters' page, having 'won' the distinction of 'Letter of the Day' on many occasions.

I just love to write! So that is me....\\:D/

Dr. Malone

Welcome. It's always a pleasure to see successful professionals on here. Sounds like writing has led you through an exciting life.
I look forward to reading your short stories.