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It's time! (2 Viewers)



1. Avoiding suspicion.

as for number 2, I don't whistle, I get whistled at


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WOOO! i joined again. i forgot (I CANNOT BELEIVE I FORGOT!!!!!)

as of yet i have NO IDEA as to what im doing. but i feel like im going to burst (with exitment...dont worry, you dont have to start cleaning up my exploded head yet. wait till november .... better hire a cleaning crew...)


good luck everyone !!!

the feeling if you do it

to qoute katherine willows: King Kong on Cocaine..

times 1,000,000

at least thats what i felt like. i finished at like 12 (midnight) and stayed up for the entire night, then went to school fresh as a daisy (a shower helped) hehehehehehe

im exited. (i spelled that wrong didnt i?)


I don't know why, but I'm getting this vibe that crazy dude is...excited or something. ;)

In case anyone is interested, this year donations will fund children's libraries in Viet Nam. Last year's goal of $160,000 was met and libraries were built in Laos. This year's goal is $200,000! Creative insanity for a good cause--what could be better?


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I know i know.. You can have the hero insert superglue into the bad guys gun.
The bad guy: YOU'RE A DEAD MAN!! Shoots "Click"
bad guy: Wtf?
Good guy: "Insert catchy line here"

Have a lot of people here done this before?

Fantasy of You

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Lol, a month to plan is a crazy amount of time. And valeca, the amount of plotting you've done is crazy^^ (and pointless, lol)

catchy line: 'Hahaha, Dr Bad Guy, looks like your in a STICKY situation. Do you get it, Dr Bad Guy? Sticky - it is a pun, as I have glued the inside of you gun! and glue is sticky! It seems I have won again!'


Why is it pointless? Not everyone writes crap novels for NaNo. Several NaNo novels have been published (or produced was the case with one).

Fantasy of You

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You misunderstand me, lol. You don't need to plan the plot for it not to be crap. I used to think that myself, though. Now I don't. I was persuaded otherwise, lol.

Basically, no matter how good your plot is, ia shit novel will still be shit (not saying you would write shit, by the way, lol). And I think that plotting and the spontaneity of real creation cannot be compared. If you plot pages and pages before you write, the plot will be somewhat more mechanical (which might not even be noticable). But I do think that, if you write a novel, and by the end, everything has happened as you outlined in a plot, you've failed to write a story.

But that's just me, you don't have to get defensive about it *hides behind wall*


People approach writing in different ways, so what may be pointless to one could be very important to another. And one person can do it both ways for different stories. The person who doesn't see the benefit in both styles is the one missing out.


Bingo. I've done it both ways. And if you read carefully, I said it was mostly setting related. This NaNo isn't going to take place in a contemporary setting (and infact, the location will in itself be a tertiary character), so research and planning are essential to making the story believable, the history accurate, and the culture as rich as possible (not to mention making it easier for me to navigate the unfamiliar surroundings with ease instead of having to stop to look something up and end up breaking the flow of writing).

There is nothing wrong with winging it...I've done it, and I've chosen not to take that route this year. Creativity isn't confined to spontaneity, nor does it manifest in the same way for everyone.


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Hey Val? Wanna hear something crazy? I got an email from my areas ML, turns out she goes to college with me and we have the same major. Now we're friends...hehe. Woot for NaNo!!


That's great, msw! NaNo is how Damien_Frosst and I met a couple of years ago, too. It's good for people to check out the local groups. You just never know who you're going to meet!

And yes, that applies to people living in small towns in the middle of nowhere. There's usually some group or other close by.

G. Palmer

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boredom? manic depression? allusions of grandeur?

You can only ask yourelf what possessed you to join. ;)

As for why on Earth I signed up it is beyond me.


NaNo demons. They get you every time.

Welcome aboard, Hawke! I know you'll come up with something great.