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it's 46 degrees here and i still feel alive (1 Viewer)



hi you could all call me delilah. i am a young writer; i have always wanted to write and am currently in the middle of writing my novel. i hope that meeting all of you will be one of the best things i have ever done (i do admit, i am a hermit when it comes to the writing community) so it would be fantastic to meet people that i have something in common with :)


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Hello there, Delilah, and very much welcome to Writing Forums. I like to be on my own to do my writing too, can't concentrate when others are around!


mi is happy

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Were are you from, Delilah? Because I'm moving there! I'm in AZ and it's still hot! ;)

Oh yah... Welcome to the forum and I hope I'll see you around. If you need anything then just PM me.

Dr. Malone

Welcome Delilah. I'm glad to see you getting out a little into the writing community. It's good to have at least some kind of writing group to share/bounce ideas off of. I look forward to reading your stuff.

It's 20 something and snowing here in Georgia!