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When she found the Writing Forums. On a gloomy Thursday, trying to escape her regular work from home job, Kimoco came across a list of writing forums she should go on.
She decided she might try it, instead of always looking for answers about POVs and will to write on random google searches.
Now she hops in the game for real, thinking she may even bond with some other writers.

Today, she also found out in a blog that she is a seat-of-the-pants writer, and with that realization, it also doomed onto her that her knowledge about writing slang was pretty limited.
Her whole writing career was just a dream for the future, after all.
She had focused her energies until last year on becoming an artist, looking for social media recognition.
Upon realizing that her first self-published comic book had a lot more tell than show, she thought she would give a try to writing an actual novel, instead of drawing it.
Now, 2 months later, 80 pages in her first romance novel, she feels like she's doing the right thing. "

And that's just me trying to be creative y'all. X\'D
I'm French Canadian, 38, have 3 kids, 2 with special needs (one with autism and one with a really rare from of muscular dystrophy), a love for chicken and everything Sailor Moon, Penguins of Madagascar and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Nice to meet you! ~:love_heart:


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Cool intro, Kimoco. It's the first I've seen like that, but indeed the way every writer should shoulder open the door into a Writer's community. I've sampled a few, and liked it here best. I hope you find the same experience. :)

Don't worry about jargon. You'll pick it up quickly. I was in the same place a few years ago, so it's a state we can recover from. LOL
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