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It is….! (1 Viewer)


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It is….!

It is the blink that makes one man with eyes blind
and another man with vision see.
It is the power of the toe on the foot
pivoting on its axis and balancing
Man’s chaotic nature with its spin.

It is the breath behind the note
that sweetens the melody to the ear
with its wings of wind
and the pin prick in the brain’s butt
that lifts the couch potato
with the force of a hammer
that builds kingdoms, once he’s on his feet.

It is the Feather of Belief that raises
a man’s head and dignity from the gutter
so he may look up into the face of God
and in His eyes see himself redeemed.

It is that single drop of Courage
that enables one man with it to make
leaps of progress, even in the darkness,
while another man without it becomes
riveted with Fear, even in the daylight.

It is one determined fragile finger
with one ounce of Faith pushing
one mighty mountain over one inch
to the awe of all disbelievers
while the chisel chips the stone block
for the masterpiece within, transforming
the mediocre into the meteoric.

It is the power to envision what can be
harnessed to the actions that make it real.
It is in all of us. It is in all of me.
It is in all of you.

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Livingpoetintheflesh - So happy to provide an injection of motivation in a world seemingly intent on demotivation. Come back anytime for booster shots as needed LPF. We'll leave the lights on! LOL. Namyh


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Well that was a great uplifting read to get me started off on a positive note, this morning! Really enjoyed it. :)