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Is this a rejection letter? (1 Viewer)


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I received a reply today from a publisher regarding a memoir I submitted

He said he read my manuscript and enjoyed it. Whether there is a commercial book there is another matter, he said. It needs a bit more work, there's some repetition between the stories. Also it is written as a series of anecdotes and now that it's done probably would benefit from some work to give it more of a story arc.

There isn't a lot of (the name of my town ) history beyond my family and a sketch of the character of the town and the region might not be out of place since there has been so little in print. The town was booming for awhile with the mine, logging going full tilt and the cannery serving a healthy fishing fleet--all gone now.

He said maybe that is getting too far from my personal story but a bit of background would give the story more marketability. As it is, he called it “ a well-written, sensitive slice of coastal life” and said he could see some parts fitting into a future edition of regional stories and said “congratulations on a nice piece of work.”

Is this a rejection or a suggestion to get back to work on it?