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Hello, I feel like I need perfect sentence structure, grammar and spelling :-?. If that is true I've probably already lost!

About Me:

*Books: Most Fiction,
... But especially fantasy, such as: HDM, Harry Potter, Narnia and Artemis Fowl
... Also especially, books that are political statements like those of: Orwell, Burgess, Golding and all those Holocaust memoirs (etc.)
I suppose those are the kinds of books that will ultimately influence how mine will turn out, which brings me to...

*Writing: I write great plans but usually lack the motivation to write more than a chapter of the book.

*Career: eventually a high school English teacher (who will hopefully get his books published on the side). I'm planning on doing an Arts course and then I'll do a DIP-ED (I don't actually know the spelling of that acronym or what it stands for) to become a teacher.

That's all for now :p
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Hello to you, and welcome to the forum. I'm also a teacher of both English and Dutch (although I now work as a school's administrator, after having been in class for over 25 uears - must say it's a nice change ... had a good contact with the youngsters, but the additional work became a bit too much for me in the end .. twenty types of report about each pupuil ... and then they say that teachers don't work!) who writes on the side.