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Is media doomed to be vanila as $^#$ (1 Viewer)


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I was poking my head down yet another rabbit hole this morning due to my lack of sleep and I found a video essay that pointed out that for every 3 or four anime aimed at boys{a.k.a the shonen genre} that there was maye one continued for girls{a.k.a the shoujo genre} and it blew my mind for a moment. it didn't used to be that way but it's true. that also got me thinking though. are mediums doomed to be blained and vanila. I know this sounds like it is unrelated ut work with me here. lets go to a completely unrelated but a medium plagued with kind of the same problem. video games. have you noticed that ever since there was one mega popular battle royal game that everything has to have a battle royal mode in it. I will not include a list but I will just point out that pac man, mario, and ffr remake have all had battle royale modes now. yes that includes the dlc for ff7 remake and thus it has a battle royal mode... 0.o..????

that also reminded me of a little known dating website study where they took the average score of participants on the website. they noticed that if you took to people. one who was going for generally appeal to anyone and a person that had niche appeal for a particular audience. they would get basically the same score. just the niche appeal would get more 1's and 2's out of five but they would both average the same.

strangely enough though. Isn't the fact that most mediums that become popular/mainstream seemingly going for broad appeal and trends chasing kind of bad in general. i.e aver abundance of one genre like how the super hero genre is for american comics. I think kind of. it is a problem but one to deal with treating art as a commodity to much with too much consideration for financial gains and not enough love for the medium in question itself. in the end though I think ll mediums worth their salt will become mainstream and thus face this problem{currently}. any thoughts on this will be appreciated. any good analysis will epically be appreciated, ty and good morning.