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Is donating paperback royalties to a charity worthy? (1 Viewer)


WF Veterans
This idea has played in my mind for a few days or so. It is where for a brief period of time, I would donate all the royalties I earn through paperback sales to a certain charity. Of course, they would all come from the Internet.
Yes, we're still in a pandemic, but it seems that Amazon's shipping of books is back to normal. I ordered a paperback of another book off Amazon a couple days ago and it's coming today.
I would maybe announce this to my email list after I finish my giveaway of a set of Hogwarts house scarves. People have to download free copies of my books through Bookfunnel in order to be considered, although they don't have to review them. But since they already downloaded free copies, it may be a bit silly to ask them to buy paperbacks, even if I donate the royalties, although they could give the hardcopies away if they wanted. However, I notice that many people, including younger ones, prefer hardcopies over eBooks. A good number won't even bother to read eBooks.
Anyway, would you recommend this paperback royalty donation approach to my email list? Do you think it would work?


Senior Member
I've seen other authors do something similar (e.g., they will donate X percentage of the sales proceeds towards a certain charity for a limited period of time). My philosophy is to try lots of different things to promote your books. You won't know for sure if it works or not unless you try it! So I say go for it. Just be clear in your email/social media announcements how this charitable donation works and how long it lasts so there are no surprises to your readers.

Good luck!