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Is Blanchot a post-modernist? (1 Viewer)



Has anyone read Maurice Blanchot (pronounced: 'Blonsho')? Is he a post-modernist? Is Blanchot writing available online?

Click here for interesting comments on his works.O:)



Is Blanchot a post-modernist? a naive question at best. E.T.A. Hoffmann, wrote in the 1800s can be considered a post-modernist because of the way his work, especially "The Memoirs of Tom Muir", plays with the idea of authorship and the ambiguity of voice, which of course brings to mind Blanchot's work on the neuter, and his writings on Mallarmé, and particularly his seminal text, "The Space of Literature". Many critical theorists use Blanchot for 'post-modern' ends...but I don't think labelling him so readily is doing any justice to him.