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Irvine Welsh and Trainspotting (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
I just thought I'd share how much I love this guy and how terminally swank Trainspotting is. I usually hate wanton showcases of vernacular, but this...this is something different.

If you like Irvine, try Laura Hird. Discuss!


Senior Member
Can't say that I have, Connor, but I think I will now.

As an aside, I found Acid House, a collection of Welsh's short stories, at a used bookstore and decided to buy it over Requiem for a Dream. So far the stories are decent, typical Welsh, with ups and downs, but I by no means regret buying it. Maybe next time I go I'll pick up some Selby. Love that fucker, too.

Rock on.


Senior Member
Filth is a fabulous book - I highly recommend it. Very unusual worm scene in it!

Glue on the other hand was too difficult (or slow) for me to read - too much vernacular used for a non-local like me to read with natural ease. Trainspotting and Prono were perfect.