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Introversion .22 (1 Viewer)


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Introversion .22

Pigeon toed tracks marred the shore,
three toes reached, sought, and held.
One step to another, toes worn sore—

On the sandbar Dodo marched alone
to the quiet cadence of a drummer—
a virtuoso only to the dodo known.

And there by the old growth wood
Dodo saw, Dodo found the Turtle,
where in ancient peace she stood.

Silent Dodo held unuttered words,
secrets, furies…and old Turtle knew
Dodo’s Truth, saw what few heard.

Most scoffed, derided those shelled—
now they fear, so and covet that power,
the quiet wherein the carapaced dwell.


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I don’t have much to add to this. What I really appreciated most was the tight way this piece has been constructed, the care and time that have gone into it, or at least it feels that way, is tangible. I have few complaints or suggestions that I can make, I just wanted to put my appreciation for this into words.