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Hey, how's it going?

It looks like I have finally found a writing forum that is easy to use and active. I have always been happiest either typing away or reading. Thus, I expect to spend a good deal of time here.

In the past, the only writing I did was personal journaling. I would like to expand into short stories and memoir. Eventually, with time and practice, I would like to write a novel.

I am particularly interested in the often volatile relationship between technology and people. I expect my writing will revolve around these themes.

Because I am new to writing, I won't be posting my writings for awhile. But I will offer my critiques and commentary. Most of all, I hope to get to know others on the writing path.



Welcome to the forum, don't worry about the cookies just avoid the kooks.

red lantern

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Much welcome Anthony, so the nature of humanity and technology intrigues you, I too enjoy this area, it is a worthy course to pursue, and you will never run out of things to write about, hope you like the forum