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About me, I am a graduate student studying Marriage/Family Therapy. I am
a Dale Carnegie Instructor (Motivational Speaker). I am a natural horse
trainer, specializing in training wild horses, and one of my hobbies is
studying and practicing Native American skills.

There are stories that live inside of me. Stories meant to inspire, to
teach, to entertain, and to bring about change. However, there is also
an ominous fear that my writing will not be acceptable, therefore the
stories stay inside. I am ready to embrace the fear, expecting that it
will take time for my writing to mature. I am ready to begin the

I look forward to learning from you!


Hello and welcome to WF, Blythe. Get your stuff on the computer and give it a go. S'all good and we never stop learning here.



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Welcome to the forum, Blythe. Please, write these stores, as I'm sure they must be very interesting!