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Hello My Name is Darschan Stephens
I am enrolled online at Ashford University. I am studing to be a Substance Abuse Counslor. This class is scaring me to death. We have to write a paper about going back to school. I am 48 and I work at Nike Factory Store. I really need help.:razz:


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Hello there, Darschan, and welcome to the forum! My advice is to write that paper and just tell honestly how you feel about going back to school, in your own words. It can't be easy to go back to uni when you are older!



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Welcome Darschan and good luck with your paper. I just did a review of a substance abuse related book and can understand your struggles.


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Hey Darschan,

I can sympathize. Just started going back for a second teaching license. Never realized how little I missed school. Great to have you,