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I’m currently writing and preparing to draw a webcomic!
I’ve already done a lot of research, and I still have more to go. I registered to this site because I had a few very specific questions related to Chinese culture. I’m not Chinese, so I needed to ask someone who is because I want to include the most correct interpretation of fashion as possible. PLEASE MESSAGE ME IF YOU HAVE EXTENSIVE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT FASHION<3
Thank you!

Olly Buckle

Hi there, I am not a fashionista I am afraid, but welcome to the forum. I am sure there is someone with a Chinese background here, maybe make a post in 'research' using the word 'Chinese' in the title. Good to see people taking comics and graphic novels seriously, no reason they should not be good quality.


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I live in t-shirts and jeans and am no help at all. @Taylor , one of our moderators was into that, hopefully she’ll step in to help you.