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Introduction of myself. (1 Viewer)


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Hello I'm knottla, I'm born and bred in Yorkshire. I'm 64 years old, and started writing poetry and songs about 18 months ago. I started writing through having some vocal coaching for singing, and meeting someone who also wrote poetry and songs. With his encouragement I had a go at writing poetry and songs. I found if something stimulated my brain and emotions the poem or song developed very quickly, but I had to write it down straightaway otherwise it would be lost. I'm looking forward to reading other poetry and learning from posters on here.


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Glad you joined and I hope you find the poetry and poetry writers you're seeking.
I don't read a lot of poetry and write it very little, but that's just me.


Harper J. Cole

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:hi: Welcome, Knottla! Always nice to see another poet join the gang.



Welcome knottla. Although I'm no poet, I have the same issue with the idea going poof if I don't write it right away. Glad to have you!