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myself. Hello, I'm not a writer yet, but hopefully by joining in these forums I can improve, with some help from you guys.
I live in the US, in Kentucky, and I love UK football, go Cats!
I hope I can get to know the people here.

Olly Buckle

Welcome to the forum, when we have to discriminate it from other types of football we usually call it soccer and the others American or Aussie rules. Not that it didn't start here, but everybody except America plays the "beautiful game".


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Great to have you. Not a writer? If you write and love to write you are one. What part of Kentucky? Just came back from visiting family there. They live in a small, one traffic light town, called Center.

Once again welcome,



rumpole, I live in one of the bigger cities, I think it's known as the horse capital of the world. Lots of horses here. I know that kind of town, my dad's family has a farm in one of those, where we visit. It's a nice kind of place.