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Introducing WF Podcasts (1 Viewer)


Retired Chief Media Manager
Hello members,

The media team has put together the first of what we hope will be a monthly podcast. This first is a reading of our April Literary Maneuvers winner, Joshybo's story "Broken." Read by A.M. Hamilton. We hope you enjoy it :)


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This really did turn out very well. I am glad to have been a part of it. am_hammy's reading was excellent and TK did a great job putting the whole thing together!


Retired Chief Media Manager
Hey ACB, glad you enjoyed it. That was our 'trial' run :) Just wait until you see what am_hammy and team have in store for you next!


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Ah, so that's a podcast!!! *Blushes* I'm slightly behind the times on some things. Great work on Broken, and it's lovely to hear the voices!


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So is the idea behind the Podcast to read short form fiction from the forum a la an audiobook? If so that is brilliant.
Are you on iTunes?

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