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Introducing Niina C (1 Viewer)


Hey, everyone!

I'm Niina, I'm from Finland, I'm 25 and I'm a writer.
I'm complitely new to writing forums, so I'm sure to make few mistakes, apologies in front.

I've written three books, none of them published, they are all adventure, bit a little bit of romance and with a spiritual twist.
My first was called "Ocean" a semi science-fiction super soldier story.
My Second was "The Egyptian Sorceress" an adventure and romance with past life interference.
My Third, almost finished, is called "The End" my first serious dabble into science fiction adventure with a spiritual twist.
(my word Spiritual means more New Age than Christian)

I hope to get to know you all. :)

Niina C ( with two "i" people ;) )


Senior Member
Hello there and let me welcome you to Writing Forums, Niina! :)

I hope you enjoy being here with like-minded writers! ^^

~ Shinn


WF Veterans
Hello to you, Niina, and welcome. I also write novels that are a mixture of adventure, suspense and/or action, romance. But I set them mainly in past times.



Shinn and Baron, Thanks. :)

Mr Sci Fi, I'll be sure to post the first chapter to ask critique wither it fits the 4 golden rules for a first chapter.

Nickie, Thanks. Oh I love past times stories!