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Introducing myself to this Forum (1 Viewer)


Hi, I'm dougj.
I live in Australia. I write stories and poems. I'm a father and grandfather, an avid cook, vegetable gardener and incurable punster, as well as an occasional stand-up comedian. I've had over 30 jobs (including rock band roadie) and have lived in many places across Australia, including regional and remote communities. I have travelled extensively, especially in Asia, the US and UK. I'm a recovering social worker and former not-for-profit CEO. I've had my work included in several anthologies. My aim is to surprise, challenge and amuse.


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Hi dougj - alright mate. Welcome to the forum. Interesting experiences you've had. Look forwards to seeing what thee write. All the best, PG


Staff member
Love the humour lurking behind your words, Dougj. 'A recovering social worker' is a phrase that speaks vomes. :) I'm looking forward to seeing some of your stories and poems very soon.

Good to have you here - it looks like you have a lot to offer.