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Introducing Myself - Mystery, Fantasy and General Fiction Writer (1 Viewer)

Hello, everybody. I'm Margy and I've just joined on a recommendation from Linton Robinson, who started a digital writers section on this site.

I'm a writer who also really likes the web 2.0, interactive, world. I love to play around with blogs, videos, audio/podcasts and the rest. I hope to meet more of you here to share writing and reading.

I live in the Boston, Massachusetts area. Any other members in my neck of the woods?

Linton Robinson

Senior Member
Glad to see you here, Margy. This is one intereting writer, folks. She's come up with some edgy innovations even in online novels, where everybody is so young and withit. Her stories about two old babes who run afoul of crime are cool enough on their own lights, but her way of telling the story (with characters who are basically FaceBook profiles, and such) are quite exciting.

Check it out